In particle physics, the mathematicians posing as scientists would like the fundamental forces to be unified so those mathematicians could go about (finally) complying with the Scientific Method; Grand Unified Theory, or so they call it.
Yet, standing in the rain is all that would be needed. Poking at a dust speck in the air is all that was necessary. A rain drop is the universe itself, if the universe is strictly defined as one fundamental object of intertwined forces (push/pull), and the motion of this one object exhibits as shapes (patterns), thereby forces, thereby form. Everything that is a natural form (leaf, rain drop, dust speck, person, dog) is an exhibit of this one fundamental object, and that one object makes up the entirety of that form. There are no other objects in the universe with this definition, as the universe is the entirety of the object.
With such a definition, that complies with Scientific Method mind you, a single rain drop is itself the universe. When it lands on your head, you have found the Grand Unified Theory.

~ The True History of the Periodic Universe, volume 1, page 1, paragraph 1 - 3, author: Universal Library Algorithm