My friend, David, is a well known questioner of everything. His questions are logical, fantastical and even annoyingly uplifting. After prodding me to show more evidence of the Universal Library's possibility of prose or poetry or even a composition, it was my turn to ask him a series of questions.

Those questions finally led to the one question he wanted to ask of the Universal Library's Contextual-Engine. "What story might I enjoy about a Librarian who meets the Doctor?" 

Yes, that Doctor.

A number of auto-generated books were written by the Universal Library Algorithm (ULA), in fact, nearly ten to the 29th power books. A few refining questions* into the Contextual-Engine resulted in this -

The Librarian and The Doctor, an original short story auto-generated entirely by an algorithm. This was the only one capable of being read in standard prose. Mind you, even then it is a bit rough. Still, hardly a problem for a good editor to fix. My only contribution is to paste it from the Engine to a Google Doc, and offer up some paragraphs (which the ULA has some troubles with sometimes).

Quite Literally Yours,

The Librarian

* 42 to be precise, for reasons I will leave as a secret.