A few have asked when a publicly accessible catalog will be available, and to that I must defer to my computer catching fire. The current version of the code causes my computer to crash regularly. It certainly wouldn't work well online. For that, I need better code, which is a project all in itself. Online search code constraints are part of that project, assuming you want to find one specific book out of so many books that even ten billion universes couldn't contain them.

However, I have updated the coding to now be more inclusive of the larger Latin alphabet orthography, including accent marks used in other languages that use the Latin alphabet. So now the total number of books increased - there are now French versions of the (older) ULA English books - Italian and other such languages too. Of course, being the Universal Library, you will now find mixed language books, even mixed letter books. There were already books in English with musical notes mixed in with mathematical symbols.

How many proper languages are now able to be written by the ULA because it has the full range of Latin alphabet orthography/marks? About 126 or so. If ten billion universes couldn't hold a proper set of books in English . . .!