"Light pollution is an epidemic against the human spirit, redefining the boundless opportunity of every place every where in every direction to a most narrow scale - that of just the street we stand on, the apartment window out of which we might as well not stare. Take back the gift of stars by this strategy, when you cannot drive out to those few places that remain not glossed over by civilization run alight. Turn light's pollution on itself. Make stars out of light!

Darken your room with just the smallest secondary light off in some far corner so that your white ceiling is cast in shadow. Lay back and look at the ceiling. Do not stare or try to bring your focus to any point. Just look. Wait a moment or three. Just look. For it.

When you see it, don't focus, don't stare. Wait for the shooting stars. Wait for the clusters of stars, wait for the light of your soul to make goodness out of a world run alight."

~ excerpt of text written by the Universal Library Algorithm, Stars, page 42