How do we get anywhere in time and space? We can walk there, ride there, arrive there, avoid there, sit there, create there. What is "there"? What is "there" in other languages; do they have the same meaning as "not here"? Is here the opposite of there? When are here and there simultaneous in time and space? Is it necessary to point to a spot to indicate/designate there from here?

What is time? Space?

In an indefinite, periodic universe, how would a time traveler distinguish between cycles? How would the traveler know? How would the traveler get back? Can a man row a boat onto an alien shore two periodic universes back? Maybe math is the problem? Maybe language is a hindrance. They are useful tools, but does the underlying--that foundation structure--support the exemplar? Perhaps the use of the words time and space perjure the universe. Indefinite and periodic also perjure; no, all at once, simultaneous, scalable. Is it logical to say the indefinite is not simultaneous, and yet finitely described? Or explained? A universal library is analog to simultaneous existence? Its direct expression?

We are the direct expression of a thought embodied physically, as all thoughts make real objects. By thought, I mean to say, that the permissiveness of space the one object unveils--not the thought of persons or beasts thinking on the next meal--thought as permissiveness to enable, enact, build, create, design, manage, stabilize, irritate, belie, beguile, zoom, zip and sonder. Oh sonder.

DEfx is thought. a decidable event that is also fixed; no matter the surrounding events/causes, that event will occur. Substantiality is its manifestation but largeness, smallness, great or miserable? Non sequitur. We do not follow from math or language, servants and tools traipsing about to make manifest DEfx. The secret of so-called Time Travel is to remember that the simultaneous periodicity of the universe permits thought to be substantial enough to allow everything to be DEfx, and thereby finitely locatable somewhere, somewhen (a prior/a posteriori necessity in order to be DEfx at all).

Can we travel in time, forward or backwards? Perhaps forward by stepping out of The One Object by a self-generating artificial conveyance of our own making, which is entirely permitted by space itself (which is empty, unattainable, indivisible); we need only wait for the next cycle, the next periodicity or the one after, for that alien shore to exhibit at Space/Time Coordinates of 0:0:0 so we may row a boat upon it. No return trip our adventure--the way is forward or sideways. If we are homesick, we remember that the universe is indefinite, periodic. A universe will come around soon enough that mirrors the one we remember. Nothing is the same. It can be close enough. When can we see this simultaneity? When we stand outside of it and look.

Subjective Referential Travel

Here, Now is always 0:0:0 (zero:zero:zero)

Axis x = Periodicity in relation to this Now (i.e. positive is the future*).
Axis y = Intended point of travel as simultaneous relation to Now.
Axis z = The cycle of the intended location/loci (i.e. positive is contained entirely within the Big Bunch and Big Stretch cycle)

Periodicity 0 is now.
Periodicity -1 is the last, most recent universe.
Periodicity 1 is the immediate next universe.
Periodicity is a cycle from Big Stretch to Big Bunch or Big Bunch back to Big Stretch**.
Now is a singular Frame of Reference.

Time's definition is the permissiveness of space, one of space's qualities/exhibits. Space is nothingness, a thing-in-itself, contains nothing that does not exhibit. The One Object is the only natural exhibit. All others are just concepts, artificial.

Quite Literally Yours,

The Librarian

* Whereas positive is in the future, the negative in this referential system is not the past, but a reference to the past to enable location of that same DEx or DEfx in the future.

** Each a separate universe.