Carl Jung believed that the archetype of wholeness (everything, the Individuated Self) was Quaternity (a square shape/symbol). This is a terrible curtness, and not worthy of the concept presented by the man, but as a basis for the next step towards the Logographic Quaternity, a written language, please at least let it suffice to move this post forward.

The problem of the Universal Library Algorithm is its language symbols, which themselves are not the primary source of knowledge/meaning. Those individual symbols randomly generated and recorded, time and again, generate words that themselves are meaningless unless we, the library patron, string them together into coherent patterns. If we find such strings already present from the output of the algorithm, we count ourselves lucky to not have to do more work to find them. Extracting those strings is the work of the Context Engine.

How will we move the source of knowledge closer to the algorithm such that the algorithm itself is the primary generator of knowledge/meaning? Is knowledge what we want from the Universal Library, or do we want certainty? Is knowledge certainty? Deterministic? What affects the cause? What effect the cause? To move forward with the learning process of using the Universal Library, we must replace the individual letters with something different. In its current state, the algorithm can generate English text that is the translation of all other languages, with its embodied problems of nuance--how much text is necessary to stop at the complete nuance of light?

We have arrived at the solution, which was the solution already present, was determined to be the solution from the beginning of the effort, and offered as itself the solution. In fact, the entirely of the solution, its place in time itself--beginning, end, capacity, duration--is contained within its structure. We are now thinking about the Logographic Quaternity, and its most dense symbol is the wholeness of the shapes and forms generated by the two essences of the universe's fundamental structure of push and pull in motion (which, is in fact Jung's third term). In short, the squaring of the circle by way of meaning.

In mathematics, the 'squaring of the circle' is an impossible problem when trying to construct a square with the same area as a circle using a finite number of steps with appropriate tools. That's the thing about this funny ol' universe--the impossible happens by coincidence. 

The Twelve Logograms that make up the basic symbol set of the Logographic Quaternity will be the whole of the meaning it conveys. A sentence that states a thing will be a single symbol that starts with one of the Twelve Logograms and imbues the symbol with one or more of the other Twelve in one symbol, with their positions being relative time, describing the beginning of the meaning and its fulfillment. A question that we seek an answer to will itself be the answer in one symbol. Lastly, a single symbol comprised of Twelve Logograms will be equivalent to two of the four terms of Dr. Jung. Those Twelve in time will be three of four, and the symbol itself squares the circle by containing the same contextual meaning as their individual Logograms.

Quite Literally Yours,

The Librarian