The fullest expression of the twelve archetypal signs of the universal language is the duality (closed root and open root) of the Quaternity Logogram, two Great Patterns combined coincidentally into Decidable Events (DEx), or self-generating a Grand Pattern that is Fixed (DEfx) in eternity. 

A Quaternity Logogram is a universal language exhibiting revelation of truth of the periodic universe as is or as written (deduced, extracted, prophesied, sung, sculpted, danced, guessed, others). Contained in one symbol is the Composite Current and the Refined Past--the entirety of the question and answer leading up to, currently exhibiting and full expression in the future. Everything all at once with nothing left out, even space which is anything not matter itself.

A Closed Root of the logogram is described as a circle. An Open Root is a circle with one missing segment of the twelve places available for an archetypal sign. The word missing is pejorative in this respect as it is not here one minute, gone the next but that which waits for Decision, unexpressed as yet. As a universal language, Time is not the rote step-by-step mechanical feature, but a coincidence. A Decision not as yet expressed can be made 'in the future' that generates the Refined Past.

The fullest expression of the twelve archetypal signs in specific segmented places self-generates the following English sentences (Composite Current and then Refined Past):

 The innocent Everyman takes and gives, and through laughter sagely imbues discernment into the exploration of the rebellion against this ego, and thus come to love the creation as both the created and the creator.

The genesis of love is ego's schism in the exploration of its numinous rule; sages and jesters stories of heroes tell of this common innocence.

Literally Yours,

The Librarian