Omnipresence is efficiently everywhere at once, but also every time at once and every thought. If we consider this analogy of a god--or even simply God--that is omnipresent, we must understand what that entails. We see that in our particular periodic universe that we put one foot in front of the other and end up at a certain location in a certain period of time, then we do it again. Which part of us is then God and which isn't? How can something be not-of-God and which is-God?   

Omnipresence doesn't entail locating a piece of something, a specific time or exact location or constituent physical component that wasn't God. Everything is God in our conceptual game, which isn't really God, just a conversation about omnipresence. That includes yourself. Yet, we must continue into the deeper aspect of what it means to be omnipresent. We cannot think of God as a body, and our Earth just one tiny atom in God's thumbnail. If we could conceive of God, and that God is everywhere at all times and places and thoughts, we could also conceive that each part we located would be all of God in that one part. That is omnipresence; not just everywhere, but everywhere all at once simultaneously. Each part is all of God. Of course, we could also conceive of the point that there might be God beyond what we could find or think of or locate or parse.

How does our discriminatory life come to be under those conceptions? We are human, and we know of cats and dogs and dandelions, and also thunderstorms and planets and concepts such as space--and that is what I mean by discriminatory--how does it come to be when no part of us is anything less than God who is omnipresent? How can we not at this moment move a mountain using a single thought?

If a god created the universe, that god's great miracle of our conceptual game is in fact the trick of Time itself. How does God create each discriminatory object that can seemingly go by itself in its specific-not-omnipresent-way? God can do this by simply conceiving of Time, which is not a limitation on that God, but an expression of God. With Time, one foot in front of the other permits discrete events that lead to other events, each cause/effect, but at the level of discretion, perceptually localized yet simultaneously not in violation of all-is-God.

God's trick of Time could create a universe, which is really just God choosing to put one foot in front of the other metaphorically. We would be that consequence.

Literally Yours,

The Librarian