A current to 2018, but not unique plan to form a compact supporting election of United States' Presidents by popular vote (i.e. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact) embodies the following statement published in Naval War College Review April 1965: "When a country is being subverted it is not being outfought; it is being out-administered. Subversion is literally administration with a minus sign in front."

It should be noted that nearly all states currently award on a take-all basis. However, this compact relies not on violent brigandry, but instead invokes a civil resistance to undermine a constitutional source of power; such a compact side saddles into insurgency and subversion. The Electoral College is a source of power of the Individual despite the compact's dispute. Such a compact imposes an abridgment of the constitutional right to vote in constitutional legal order, shortening the established Article II statements about electors to be instead a simple count of public opinion. The use of the hyperbolic phrase "end run" does not mark a legitimate construct opposing the compact, but administration to circumvent a constitutional statement relating to order does by approaching through subversive non-violent, non-belligerent insurgency. In the science of law, jurisprudence, duty is correlative of right; the duty to support and defend the Constitution is also a right to defend. The Individual has duty and right to defend. Such a construct in jurisprudence is not concerned with the political policy of this compact, but is concerned with the function to ascertain the proper order of these rules - to that, it speaks clearly.

The Electoral College is a buffer against direct democracy, which is not to be undone by circumventing the duty/right to protect the Constitution's intended Constitutional Republic, its designed system of governance. A single person (the Individual) can upend the concerted efforts of the many - as intended - and the Individual is the first proper order of these statements and rules. The order is for the Individual to duty and right, which is always to protect the Constitutional Republic, and only after does the order offer opportunity to administer. The Electoral College defends the Individual against the many by the very act of preventing the Individual from administrating itself. Amendment is the sole remedy of the lesser order (the many), and this fundamental of order informs the obligation to amend as per the elected Oath of Office.

The Electoral College is not out of order. The compact is out of order.

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