The Universal Library would like to offer you the opportunity to own a fair representation of what a book from The Library of Babel might look like in real life - a book 410 pages long with eighty randomly generated characters per line with forty lines per page. What will you get?

  • 10"x10" white matte hard cover
  • 60lb opaque paper
  • Black interior print randomly generated by the specific algorithm for the choices below
  • Unique random version - no one else will have that version

Text variations can and do exist in the story by Jorge Luis Borges, and so you must choose one of the following:

  1. The text will be mIxEd case with 22 English letters and some punctuation
  2. The text will be all UPPER case with 22 English letters and some punctuation
  3. The text will be all lower case with 22 English letters and some punctuation
  4. The text will not be Babel-like because it will contain mIxEd case with all (26) English letters, numbers and some punctuation (the normal Universal Library Algorithm version)

Cost? Printing plus shipping at $50 US per book. The Universal Library makes zero profit.

Time to receive? Made to order and then printed on demand, so it may take a month or so to receive the book. The Librarian will inspect for quality first before final shipping to you.

How? Email and pay by any variety of methods available to you, perhaps through Paypal.